18 Il Faro del Mincio, competition

Studio Genua Mincio Park spring

This proposal aims to create the new gate and landmark for Mincio Park. At the same time it intents a reflection of the space where it is located.

Studio Genua Mincio Park new identity

The setting
Not so long time ago, people thought Industry and Nature as clear opposites with distinct borders. Nowadays these borders are not that clear anymore when we talk about man-made environments in the age of the Anthropocene. We consider it a great chance to make these shifts in contemporary thinking visible and approachable - through transforming an abandoned industrial structure into a landmark for Mincio Park, which again will be centred in a still active industrial site. We don’t want to compete with the existing structure, it should rather be accentuated to create a new and exciting public space. Our aim is to create a project emphasizing this amazing scenery through intervening as little as possible.

Studio Genua Mincio Park Axo
Studio Genua Mincio Park summer
Studio Genua Mincio Park minimal intervention

Minimal intervention
The future use of the tower as a panoramic platform and a museum claims for a revaluation of the existing. How to combine the past with the future? We were quickly fascinated by the idea of focusing on the tower itself. The chimney can be clearly recognized by its red and white striped coating. These stripes become the identity of the chimney. Without changing the existing we add two new stripes on top. One white – open – and one red cylinder mark the chimney as the entrance to Mincio Park. It speaks the language of the existing, but can clearly be understood as a new element. It creates a slight distortion in the spectators’ perception and will arouse their interest in what is going on. Another duo of white and red is placed right next to the chimney on the ground.¬ Through its design it is clearly linked to the existing chimney and to the first intervention on top of the chimney. It hosts all extra facilities needed for the museum and the panoramic platform. By outsourcing most of the additional facilities, the intervention inside of the chimney can be minimized.

Studio Genua Mincio Park autumn
Studio Genua Mincio Park section

In the evening hours and at night the stripe on top will develop a new language. A calm and deep red glow will point out the towers new usage and identity. It will be seen from far away as a calm halo floating above Mincio Park. That glow will add a fascinating and particular facet to the panorama of the pianura.

Studio Genua Mincio Park at night

Further pavilions for Mincio Park
The visitor centre copies the identity of the tower in a much smaller scale. It has a clear and easily recognizable shape. Therefore we imagine that more copies could be installed all over Mincio Park. They could be placed close to other important entries or interesting sights. They mark trails and host useful facilities such as toilets or a small coffee bar. The red and white becomes an iconic element of Mincio park.

Studio Genua Mincio Park further pavilions